An event is a custom object that lets you include non-financial events in your data model. Its fields are entirely customizable, but you'll find below two examples that are common to most fintechs allowing SEPA payouts.

Example 1: login

Example fieldsDescription
idUnique identifier of the event in your system.
typeThe event's type (here "login").
userThe individual requesting a login.
accountThe account the individual is trying to login to.
pwd_triesThe number of tries before inputting the correct password.
ipThe ip address used for the connection.
telco_operatorThe telecommunication operator used for the login.
locationThe location of the user trying to login.
device_fingerprintAn identifier of the device.

Example 2: new beneficiary

Example fieldsDescription
idThe event's id used in your system.
typeThe event's type (here "new_beneficiary").
loginThe id of the login event that authenticated the user declaring a new beneficiary.