Getting started

List scenarios

  1. Go to the Scenarios tab

  2. From the scenario list you can

    1. Create a new scenario
    2. Open an existing scenario
Describe scenarios interface

Describe scenarios interface

Create a new scenario

  1. Click on + New Scenario button (see screenshot above)
  2. Complete the form to generate a new scenario :
    1. Name: this serves as a concise label used to identify the scenario throughout the application. The name can be updated after creation.
    2. Description: this provides users with a reminder of the scenario's purpose. The description can be updated after creation
    3. Trigger object: the central object that initiates the decision-making process. This must be an entity of your data model. The trigger object cannot be updated after creation.


We want to create the second scenario displayed in the above screenshot.
The data model used in our organization is :

Data model example

Data model example

The scenario will be utilized to make decisions for each card payout. The card payout is represented by transactions in our data model, which constitutes our trigger object.

Scenario creation modal

Scenario creation modal

Manage existing scenario

  1. Open the scenario you want to edit (cf first screenshot)
  2. From the scenario detail you can
    1. Edit the name and description
    2. Pick the version/draft you want to see
    3. Create a new draft
    4. handle scenario lifecycle
Scenario detail interface

Scenario detail interface