On the Rules tab you can :

  • Search or sort rules by name or description
  • Open an existing rule
  • Create a new rule
Rules list example

Rules list example

Rule detail

By clicking on an existing rule or creating a new one, you navigate to the rule detail view. Here, you can:

  • Edit this rule
  • Clone this rule
  • Delete the rule

Edit rule detail


Do not forget to save your changes, or they'll be lost

A rule is composed of:

  • Name: A concise label used to identify the rule throughout the application.
  • Description: A reminder of the rule's purpose for users.
  • Score: If the rule evaluates to true, this score will be added to the global score.
    • A positive score increases the risk of the global score.
    • A negative score decreases the risk of the global score.
  • Formula: Describes how to evaluate the rule.
Rule detail example

Rule detail example